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Concentration, imagination, visualization, technologies, energy, trust and love are the main helpers on the way of brand creating. Precisely they, today already, are forming the future, which our clients dream on. Here and now.

Concentration is the case analysis, finding of a hidden market and clients business possibilities, searching for a powerful idea, which is able to solve the problems and develop clients business today and tomorrow. The main – should think complicated and simply stated. But not in reverse. Desire to do and make better.

Imagination is a will of being different. Imagination is more than knowledge (A. Einstein). Go against the stream, campaign against the common realness and myths. Ability of systematically and creatively carrying the ideas to people as New Wave, but not the averaged distilled stream, falling into the number of alike grey ordinariness puddles.

Visualization is a possibility visibly forward the benefits and brand specifics, ability to see and emotionally get the main idea. The dream embodied today in symbols, images, heroes and histories and tomorrow in material attributes of project or business…

Technologies it means to be on the up-front of modern communications and technologies development. To be pioneer in creative mix of different (old, new, newest) techniques of business, marketing, design style and 3D, Internet and software, movie and music, art etc.

Energy – total immersive ness of the staff, concentration and imagination, technologies and Marathonian work should give to the project efficient momentum. Necessary to break through the greyness of daily vanity, attaining the peoples conscious and unconscious evoking positive emotions and bright feelings.

Faith - God or the evolution made us in such a way that emotions and feelings are more powerful than the intellect of the cortex. Trust and love are always leads to the action, while the brain leads to the conclusion.

Our world - it’s a world which was described by Einstein the best: The world consists of the energy fields able to harden in the form of matter. We are the spiritual creatures that are trying to be humans.

If New Wave can create the other brands, web-sites or movies, whereof say in a good or anything but good, means that we are on the right way.

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