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Dear friends and colleagues!
We are not pretend to know the truth, but in more then 9 years period of everyday trainings and successful practice in new businesses and projects development, implementation of "Be different" strategy into all the Ukrainian economical fields allows us to take some stocks.

The Facts:

Usually, most of companies act in the frames of standarts and phscicological codes of the previous century. It concerns of marketing, brands, communications, businesses in particular and life in general. National companies works hard, have good staff, quality products. But it not always leads to appearance of great brands, worldwide companies and unique trademarks, which are the core of a new economy, where more than 50% of assets are non-substantial. Here emerges the question – what is to be done?

The Answer:

"Be different" means keep it real in this complex dynamic world. Needs to be open toward the variety of the world and choose your way. Leaders should have a few years vision for the company’s future and clear targets for the organization. Today leaders should believe in their mission and people should trust their leaders. Then in future appear the unique products and companies, which are grows today…

New Wave mission:

On this site and as well as in practice we’ll try, using examples and illustrations of different companies, easy and demonstrably, to show the other more dynamic way of the progress. It is referred not only to marketing results, naming, styling, branding, but picking of the other business way in the new economy of values… The future of every company and each of us sets up here and now. Always yours, Oleg Tereschenko, director New Wave

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