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1992 – Start-up of the key personnel in marketing, advertising, and different businesses managers.

2001 – Foundation and successful development of New Wave as the full-service advertising agency. New trade marks and their heroes created.

2003 – Founded and developing the New Technologies communication company.

2005 – The brand consulting services are in progress. Main activity directions are the new marketing, brands and trade marks, advertising, design, Internet…

2006 – New Wave holds top positions in brand development and communications on the metal and real estate markets.

2007 – New Wave strengthen hand in the field of business-consulting, contributing to formation and development the business and innovative projects in Ukrainian markets.

2008 – The company expands its competences and implement throw its projects different trends of modern life: business, art, design, consulting. Moving to the new office on Shоta Rustaveli street, we become more closer to our primary and future clients.

Our prospects
Ukraine – young country with a wealthy history and yet industrial economy of soviet period… But we have here a huge hidden possibilities, which are more courageously realized by a new business pioneers in the new and global economy. We are not better nor worth the others. There are examples in the world, culture and business. They were made by those who were able to dream and systematically act, called by the mind and heart, by logics and intuition, by risk, to fall dawn and stand up and reach the others. We are thankful to our clients that such persons comes to New Wave to work and make come true their dreams.

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