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Branding is so obvious. With appearance of the individuality life becomes easier, - Tom Peters firmed

The companies start to realize that the conformity to itself, their identity, allows outplaying the market in course of time. It not enough just to make good LOGO on a certain brand life period. Moreover taking into account the fact that even world brands sooner or later become age-old – both in management of business processes and in perception of their new targeted audience formats. However, that is why they are worldwide, because they manage changes before the market.

Well developed LOGO is relevant for a long period of time, but brand is always more than a selection of the corporate identity elements. Therefore the core target of both branding and re-branding is to remain relevant to the time spirit, company dynamics of development, market expectations. The aim of good logo and corporate style is to achieve synergy of inner and outer, become a dependable instrument in the hands of the leader.

Our clients convinced and know already that the products are made at the factories, and the brands at the customers’ heads. People trust our stories and heroes. New Wave brands Legends that were made with the powerful idea and creative style design are known far beyond Kiev.

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