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“Added value” for almost every company defines with the quality of received impression, - Tom Peters holds.


Impressions from any business projects, before and after its realization, forms, particularly with the help of three technological trends – 3D design, modern photo- art, corporate movie.

The value of the first is in the views variety, allows seeing the one, what the project will or could be. 3D visualization helps to pass with the customer a complex emotional way from “What will be?” to “Be so”- the way driven by the dream. Advantages of the photo are in the synthesizing of the art and the reality. It’s ability to see the object in a different light and open this view to the others. And multimedia presentation is an entertaining clip of your brand with the special effects, sound track, actor dubbing, 3D animation and unique concept. In three minutes will tell about project and company outtalk and more emotionally than dozens of combined tables with the technical documentation.



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